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20th Sep 2005

A9home beta programme

Download the product brochure (pdf) to see what is available, specifications and pricing.

Apply to join the beta programme as an experienced user by filling in the form below. We will be continuing our phased release to help manage support work load. Everything except the contact details are optional, but the details are there to help us to assess your suitability to each release phase.

As with the developer only phase of the beta programme, a small discount (£50 inc VAT) off the brochure price is applicable to beta machines bought now. This is to reflect that it is a work in progress. This amount becomes payable on release of a retail machine in order to convert to the retail standard.

Contact details

Your name:

email address:

Postal address:

What RISC OS computers do you already own?







Other (use comments below)


You have: (tick all that apply)

A home network

Broadband at home

Access to broadband elsewhere

Network card fitted in a RISC OS computer

Windows PC with USB

Linux PC with USB

Simtec/STD USB podule or Unipod

USB Flash drive

Other factors

Tick here if you have already registered an interest with CJEMicro's

Tick here if a developer in the beta programme has offered to sponsor you (specify in comments)

Tick here if you are a member of a user group

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